jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

summer, the growlers, gothic beach music

si hay una razon de no ir a coachella es a ver the growlers el domingo. es sufficiente razon para mi, que son  mi grupo prefierido do los angeles, mas bien costa mesa. este video me recuerda mucho de andar por long beach, skateboarding con mi mejor amiga a los 15 años angela mcgonigle. eramos las unicas niñas en ese tiempo que hacian skate. el primer dia de highschool las dos nos vestimos como REFUSED en este video, y pensabamos que eramos de lo mas, nos fuimos de classe en skate, tocabamos musica en la tienda de guitarras y aveces nos llamaban hermanas y las caras se nos ponia asi :) 

If there is one reason not to go to coachella its to see the growlers on sunday. its enough reason for me because quite frankly they are the best group in los angeles, plus waiting in the desert 2 hours for a 10 dollar water isn't really as exciting as it sounds. plus the fact that kanye is playing will probably bring a lot of annoying people i can't stand on the street anyway. to be quite honest tamara and i started anti-coachella last year and i had heaps more fun than i think i would've had. we made lip singing growlers videos, got wasted, made videos of us singing bob dylan songs (quite poorly i may add) got up the next morning walked down to delilahs and were too wasted and hung over to walk back. so we TOOK THE BUS for the first time in los angeles. back to her home where i passed out and she studied her script. 

the growlers  Origami Vinyl on April 16 for Record Store Dayalong with Hanni El Khatib and Nick T from Islands. They'll have 50 copies of the GAY THOUGHTS 7". go get in line now.

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