domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

kurt vile

lo mejor de este mundo, no puedo parar de escucharlo y me da mucha pena que no fui a verlo en los angeles el jueves. pues por cierto este año lo veo tocar. pues esta cancion es todo lo que siento ahora mismo, pero MERCURY RETROGRADE termina el 30, para ese entonces voy a ser normal, pues normal para mi que a lo mejor no es normal para ti. x

Go ahead tell me Hello or Fuck you
Whatever introduction suits you
I ain't tryin to fight 
I'm just tryin to ride this train to make it home tonight

Hey I don't get it kid 
are you tryin to break my nose?
Or just stand around and stare me down in calm?
Where the hell do you get off anyway?

Well there's people out there who tell you lies
They get off on giving wrong direction 
Well fabrication's my best friend but I ain't never been so insulted in my whole life

Ridin on the freak train, train train train
Well there's a whole new story there

Let it hang out like you just don't care and drag it everywhere

One day I'm gonna get me enough gold to get me where I wanna go comfortably
They say sellin (??) is a little faster but uh 
But now it's freaks howlin' Woo get offa me!
There's a man with hands for every finger, claimin he's a folk singer
And he's raring to bite his nails, think i'd rather ride the rails

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