lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Carlos Diez

I had first heard about Carlos Diez in November of 2010 when my friend Maria Escote had introduced us on skype. She was visiting Los Angeles from Spain and had told me only beautiful things about him. I was in Madrid in March when my friend Pepa took me to his store to buy a pair of pants she had on that I was obsessed with. We went to a show at Joy Eslava that night and I had on his clothes when we ran into him. It was the most epic way to accidentally meet someone. I returned to Carlos' store in Madrid in January, he is a beautiful genius with the most amazing energy and personality. He makes you feel like home.

He also carries Maria Escote (also a genius I have the honor of knowing) and really unique men's shirts by Juanma Cabezon. Maria and Carlos will be doing their shows together for Madrid's Cibeles in a few weeks, and its a real drag that I won't get to see it in person.

Carlos Diez
C/ Lorento y Chicote 4
Madrid, 28014
hours mon-sat 11-2pm

and for those in the states you can order his clothes on

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

zombie bar madrid

 zombie bar is my favorite bar in madrid. hands down the best looking bar, the best food, drinks, coffee, desserts and you will run into all of the most interesting people all day long. if you're ever in madrid this is the first place you need to run over to, they play johnny cash, nirvana and skate videos all day and it really makes you think of home. you literally feel like you're at your friends house down the street.  if i lived in madrid this would be my office. if i had this bar in la i would replace the pig, intelligensia and casbah for them any day. CALLE PEZ 7 MADRID, SPAIN

jueves, 5 de enero de 2012



dangerous daddy long legs, you've got to be kidding me if you think i'll walk all over the rocks for you
my skin bruises easily and surely by the end of it my feet would be not black from the filth on the ground
but black from the bruises and maybe even red
i heard somewhere that the weather has influenced every movement you ever made
but truth be told i feel this blue and crazy in los angeles, paris, and even madrid
but maybe the heights are different and weather really don't mean a thing
you are the calm, you are the calm before the heavy storm, and somehow in between
the madness and the late night laughing spells you've got enough patience for us all
i worry, i worry that by tomorrow you'll forget what i look and sound like
mostly because i worry that by tomorrow i'll forget what i look and sound like
because every year we die and become some other that we never were known to be before
this isn't sad, or even a cry for help,we shed our skin, its a beautiful act really.

if you were a color you would be red like your big meaty heart

miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Diane Arbus en Paris

"If I were just curious, it would be very hard to say to someone, "I want to come to your house and have you talk to me and tell me the story of your life." I mean people are going to say, "You're crazy." Plus they're going to keep mighty guarded. But the camera is a kind of license. A lot of people, they want to be paid that much attention and that's a reasonable kind of attention to be paid." - Diane Arbus 

 One of the most beautiful things I've had the chance of seeing in person. I first fell in love with Arbus when I was 15 and I ran across her exhibit at the MOCA by complete accident. I went skateboarding with my friend quite often around Little Tokyo in Downtown LA but never knew that the MOCA had another location a few blocks from Grand Ave.  It was rather small compared to the one in Paris but it hit me so hard and I went literally mad. I fell deeply for her and began shooting like a crazy person, I wanted so badly to be just like her, Sylvia Plath and Holden Caulfield at the time. Its probably best I didn't. I found her again in Paris this time the exhibit 4 times bigger than the one at the MOCA with her notes on the walls, her cameras and heaps of work I'd never seen in person before.