martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Zombie Kids

 Paseando por Paris con mis amigos The Zombie Kids despues de cuando tocaron en Social Club.
Los mejores DJS del mundo en mis ojos, puedes comprar el disco de ellos ahora en ITUNES que es un genio de disco de principio a final. Tuve el gran honor de hacer la cancion Ocean con ellos que fue muy especial para mi trabajar con mis amigos que respecto un monton. The Zombie Kids han estado en giras por latino america, y europa y aqui en Estados Unidos los esperamos con muchissimas ganas. Que aqui se neccesitan totalmente. ZOMBIE KIDS FOREVER

 My friends The Zombie Kids after they played at Social Club in Paris. MY favorite DJS and legends from all the lands. The Zombie Kids are from Madrid, Spain and they have created one of the biggest club movements in Spain. They have been throwing the best parties and making music constantly. They have started their own club Zombie Club that is one of the funnest nights in Madrid, as well as their own clothing line, and bar. They have a group of incredible artists working with them and have really changed the nightlife in Spain. The Zombie Kids are Edgar Candel Kerri, Cumhur Jay and IKKI. They recently won Best Spanish Artist at the MTV European awards for their debut album.

They have been traveling all over the world with their album titled The Zombie Kids, it is out on Universal Spain. I was lucky enough to collaborate with them on a song called "Ocean" that I'm very in love with. Their songs are incredibly fun, dark, and uplifting. The record was made with several collaborations they did with many artists including especially Aqueel who they work very closely with. My favorite song off the record is "Spanish Sauce Mafia" with the Party Harders that is the song I listen to anytime I am getting ready to leave my house or am in a shit mood, I promise you it will take you out of any dark hole you're in. I also love "Vampire" with Aqueel, the beat and synths are fun and the words show a vulnerability I think all of us have with life. Its filled with positive lyrics yet full of fear as well.   The entire record is great from start to finish and they keep you drawn in all the way thru. I look forward to seeing the bigger things that are coming for Zombie Kids especially in the US. Their record has yet to come out in the US but you can purchase their song FACE on Itunes now. Zombie Kids will be in America soon enough melting our faces off, in due time.

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Hannah and Adan

estaba lloviendo esta noche, y yo me muria de tristeza por que me quedaba no mas dos dias en Paris.
Hannah nos hico una crema y era la primera vez que la he conocido. Pasiamos por Bastille, a veces llovia a veces no. Hablamos de todo, musica, amor, el universo, y Adan nos hacia reir con su personaje "el abuelo"  Una maravilla de mujer la mujer de mi hermano Adan. Una maravilla mi hermano Adan.

It was raining on this night so Hannah made us some soup, I was miserable because I only had two days left in Paris. We roamed around Bastille, sometimes it rained, sometimes it didn't. We talked about everything, if you know Adan you know these conversations mean literally everything, music, love, the universe. I was incredibly sad so Adan kept doing his "grandpa" character which is the one thing that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. A marvelous woman the woman of my brother Adan. A marvelous man my brother Adan.