jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Soko we might be dead by tomorrow

I hadn't seen Soko for a long time, since I had been in Paris in December which is a very long time because I miss it every single second of everyday. There are good days in which I appreciate my end of the world but overall I miss it more than hell. I fell for this dude a few weeks ago maybe over a month ago and I was dead set on being in love. I've believed for so long that falling in love is a choice like a pair of socks you choose to wear, like a drink you choose to have during the week, like a film you choose to watch. Well a few weeks ago, when I thought I was choosing to be in love Soko shared her new video with me and I swear to you on the river styx it's the first time I really don't think its a choice and it's something you're lucky to have encountered or not. I love this song and video not only because she's a beautiful and dear friend of mine but really I love it from outside of our friendship, way outside, I love it all the way from Los Angeles to Paris.

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

sangre liviana

 self, apartamento de alejandro en bastille
 movil frances
 john hawkes, silverlake california
 monja rezando en echo park, california
laura tuñon malibu, california