jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Soko we might be dead by tomorrow

I hadn't seen Soko for a long time, since I had been in Paris in December which is a very long time because I miss it every single second of everyday. There are good days in which I appreciate my end of the world but overall I miss it more than hell. I fell for this dude a few weeks ago maybe over a month ago and I was dead set on being in love. I've believed for so long that falling in love is a choice like a pair of socks you choose to wear, like a drink you choose to have during the week, like a film you choose to watch. Well a few weeks ago, when I thought I was choosing to be in love Soko shared her new video with me and I swear to you on the river styx it's the first time I really don't think its a choice and it's something you're lucky to have encountered or not. I love this song and video not only because she's a beautiful and dear friend of mine but really I love it from outside of our friendship, way outside, I love it all the way from Los Angeles to Paris.

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  1. como me encantan tus entradas, actualiza más a menudo bonita! preciosa canción y precioso video