lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Carlos Diez

I had first heard about Carlos Diez in November of 2010 when my friend Maria Escote had introduced us on skype. She was visiting Los Angeles from Spain and had told me only beautiful things about him. I was in Madrid in March when my friend Pepa took me to his store to buy a pair of pants she had on that I was obsessed with. We went to a show at Joy Eslava that night and I had on his clothes when we ran into him. It was the most epic way to accidentally meet someone. I returned to Carlos' store in Madrid in January, he is a beautiful genius with the most amazing energy and personality. He makes you feel like home.

He also carries Maria Escote (also a genius I have the honor of knowing) and really unique men's shirts by Juanma Cabezon. Maria and Carlos will be doing their shows together for Madrid's Cibeles in a few weeks, and its a real drag that I won't get to see it in person.

Carlos Diez
C/ Lorento y Chicote 4
Madrid, 28014
hours mon-sat 11-2pm

and for those in the states you can order his clothes on

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