jueves, 5 de enero de 2012



dangerous daddy long legs, you've got to be kidding me if you think i'll walk all over the rocks for you
my skin bruises easily and surely by the end of it my feet would be not black from the filth on the ground
but black from the bruises and maybe even red
i heard somewhere that the weather has influenced every movement you ever made
but truth be told i feel this blue and crazy in los angeles, paris, and even madrid
but maybe the heights are different and weather really don't mean a thing
you are the calm, you are the calm before the heavy storm, and somehow in between
the madness and the late night laughing spells you've got enough patience for us all
i worry, i worry that by tomorrow you'll forget what i look and sound like
mostly because i worry that by tomorrow i'll forget what i look and sound like
because every year we die and become some other that we never were known to be before
this isn't sad, or even a cry for help,we shed our skin, its a beautiful act really.

if you were a color you would be red like your big meaty heart

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