miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

sweet dangerous mind

 this is what i look like, this is what i look like when i am missing your guts,
"i get more angry then sad", i said
"i wish i were more like that"
i dont know about you, but i sure do wish i were more sad than angry
it would explain a lot about why i end up waking up the entire night
i wish you'd come home, but on your own terms
on your own special terms,
meaning i hope you come home better than before
not meaning that you weren't good enough before because even then i loved you heaps a millions
maybe even trillions if that's possible.
i can't help but think that the sky is forgetting me,
 i say this because usually when i've come out of these dry spells its the first to wake my spirit up
now it just sits there, in its grey clouds, cold, with tears falling from its own eyes
i dont have enough time to waste anymore on becoming this month's favorite girl of his heart
i make all men think they're the special ones, when its really you that wins them all.

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