martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

june 1st, los angeles, ca

full moon , new moon, i dont want you for a lover

i wrote to GRAM PARSONS on a tuesday afternoon
the sky deep, the sun high
and me i sat between two men who were talking bout tattooed dragons
and alienated labor
what about alienated love, does anyone care too much of the existence of that
is it harder to love those who are good?
my father said it best "love is temporary, you'll always find someone you love more"
he believes in past lives
but does not play the lottery
neither do i, i never felt lucky enough

i feel like my insides have known you my whole life
it not only scares me but i go into panic about it at least once a month since the day i met you
i was the baby duck  who lost its caretaker, and you were the first i'd see
this all has to sound a bit mad, but you must know it frightens me more than it does you.
i'm off to find the infinite sunshine super casanova, he's got enough records to cure the blues.


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