viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

GUSH in Los Angeles

Al fin uno de mis grupos preferidos de Francia vinieron a tocar en Los Angeles, y al fin los e filmado para el documental que comence hace un ano. GUSH son un genio total y son muy grandes la verdad. Cuando los vi tocar miraba a la gente y se quedaban con bocas abiertas. Todos flipando todo el rato. Hay muchos grupos guays en Los Angeles pero estos son de otro level. Si podras verlos hazte un gran favor y no te lo pierdas, es una inspiracion totalmente. 

One of my favorite bands from France finally made it out to LA. If you were able to catch their shows here then you understand. It was quite inspiring to see them play out here, where normally bands just stand there rocking back and forth (I am also guilty of this and probably have played the most boring sets you've ever seen.)  You're not just listening to a band play their album, they engage their audience and make you feel like you're a part of them. Do yourself the favor and buy their record "EVERYBODY'S GOD". They are currently producing their next album that I am waiting for with open arms. 
here is a video of GUSH at Harvard and Stone 

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