miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

Andy Clockwise at THE HOTEL CAFE

Los Angeles lovers you have the opportunity of getting your face melted off friday february 17th and 24th for Andy Clockwise's residency at the HOTEL CAFE in Hollywood. I've had the chance to listen to new songs he'll be playing and I am freaking out with the arrival of his two new albums "War Stories" and "The Pilgrim". If you've seen Andy perform before then you won't be surprised with how brilliant the new songs are but you will be surprised with the erie feeling behind his new music. You feel like you're dancing in a David Lynch film and you're waiting for some weird cowboy or homeless man to come out from the barstools to invite you to dance. They have a bit more melancholy but still with heaps of energy and full force. Here is a new track MUM WE LOVE YOU and some photos I shot of Andy and his band Josh Norton and Jamie Douglass in Echo Park
Andy Clockwise feat/ Stella Mozgawa - Mum We Love You (FREE EXCLUSIVE ONLINE DOWNLOAD) by andyclockwise

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