viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

know it will be fine

i've got my face dug deep into the earth with hands as filthy as the caveman drawings
you really must know that i've got you deep inside my bones and that you've taught me well
now i've got to take it all, time to go, time to go, time to go to my own parade
as opposed to my own funeral
if i could give you the energy from the mountain men back home i'd rush there and back in a split second
only for them to breathe in a box to bring back to you with hands as filthy as the caveman drawings
i want to give it all to you, the writings i hide underneath my bed, every song ive grown to hate and every painting that i had never shown a soul, i wanted  to give it all to you the stories to be told, the photos to be made and my enemy twin that hides inside my intestines, i'd show you that enemy twin because i want to give it all to you, i want to give all the things i've grown to fear so you can throw them out into the ocean, maybe the ocean doesnt deserve to be treated this way, maybe you can throw it into a mountain of lava
thank you for bringing me back to life little bird, youve got the most beautiful damn eyes i had ever seen

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