jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

don't kill me i'm in love

If you wish any better
There is talk around town about the news man makin an honest living 
out of the children's work in the sweat shops.

Every time you close your eyes I want to scream at the walls.
Why? because you're falling on your knees to be held when all I want is to run around town praising the buildings. There was... there it was the type writer right there
never been touched and I dusted it off took it home in hopes to be fancied by a modern day Bukowski. Only he spit at my words with the same alcohol scented breath and I found it to be the most charming damn thing this town's ever seen.
I don't dance like the cats but when I type my hands move like the spiders. I was proud of this, not more than the reason that I was obsessed with Daddy Long Legs. for what do I owe the .. oh just stop the pompous banter and try not to make any noise while i'm reading, I have quite the day tomorrow. I'm going to take life with naked fists... who said that? Do you remember? I sure as hell don't and I quoted that very line throughout my entire childhood like a catholic school prayer. I'm quite sure it was Bandini, my Los Angeles childhood Hero. please don't chase the clouds.. see you never

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