miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014


You were in my dream yesterday, I followed you thru a maze, kind of like the one you described you wanted to recreate except this one wasn't filled with people, or smoke, or music, this one was nothing like the labryinth. I wanted to savor every single moment because i knew that when I woke up there would be no maze, no you, no laughter. I've dodged many bullets before, and still found myself wrapped in the maze, the maze we create for ourselves in this world, with speech and big hands. Not all saw thru themselves, many were caught in the web, you were unaware of it sometimes, because you genuinely just wanted someone to walk with. ... you were always waiting for someone to drive you home because you didn't find yourself well most of the time.

Some say, new year, new you, but new year new you is all the time, because your cells are always reforming and your bones are always remodeling.

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