domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

toss in the towel

.... dear... you,

I write this to you, in a public format because it is the only way I can't go back on my word.
I've gotta let myself breath now. I've been a bird with clipped wings, and one who has lost its will to fly. You can't stop memories from accumulating but you can stop memories from accumulating. I can't make some excuse for strings that I've tied to my own two feet. I've been trampling on my own for too long, and how can we fall all over each other when neither of us are like the bears, clearly there are other things worth keeping yourself together for. I've reached an ending to a program in which forced you to sit with yourself a whole lot, although you were constantly surrounded by a million different people, some screamed, others cursed you to the womb you came from. expectations are high, but they don't know the war you fought, because that war wasn't for them, it was for you, and who ever isn't buying your sincerity clearly hasn't seen someone inside out in their entire lives. 

the last time i saw you, i didn't know it would be the last

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