lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

patti smith and mark mapplethorpe

"just kids"

holy hell, i finally finished patti smith's "just kids" if there is any book in the world you'd want to read now its this, and i wont ruin anything for you but i feel crazy inspired and like i could very well walk on water. i feel insane amounts of heartache, love, crazy inspiration, and insanity. i need to find this woman and tell her she saved my life

 x x x x

"jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine"- patti smith

i had bought this book at jfk in new york during a layover to madrid. madrid was insanely emotional for me and by the time i reached paris i had to stop reading the book because in some strange universe it was causing me to fall in love with a friend of mine that i shouldn't have had any romantic feelings for. i was finally able to finish the book now 2 months later without any emotional attachment to the young fellow. books and poetry give me a fogged vision of love, i begin to see everything romantically and i can't help but stop myself of reading and i begin to cure the blues. 

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